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ABout us

It is our mission to create an environment for young athletes to achieve their dreams of playing college and professional baseball.

Our Mission

Canes Southwest has over 18 years of experience coaching and developing both youth and high school level baseball teams. Our coaching staff was built from years of experience at the collegiate and high school levels. Helping athletes achieve their goals on and off the field and develop at each level of their baseball journey requires individualized plans for age and skill level. As a coaching staff, we focus on what works best for not only the individual but the team as a whole; allowing not only our players, but our entire organization to grow and improve each season.

Equipped with the best

As an official partner of Under Armour, Rawlings, & G-Form; our players have discounted access to the best baseball equipment in the industry.


As a Canes Southwest player, you will be playing with great players against great players. You will have a coaching staff that will work tirelessly to help you reach your maximum potential. You will be part of a program that has more experience working with college coaches and professional baseball scouts than any organization in the Southwest. It is our mission to get you to the next level.

Youth: 8u - 11u

At this stage of a players’ development, we focus on baseball knowledge and basic fundamentals. This is not the level for players to define themselves by one position in the field. We develop players in multiple positions and develop basic mental toughness that will help them excel in baseball and in life. We will compete in each and every game and work on developing our youth teams skills. However, we do not chase rings. Winning will come as player and team skills develop.

With multiple teams at each age group, each athlete is able to thrive on a team that best fits their unique skill level instead of just their age. We have multiple, proven success stories where an individual on a lower level team grew and matured to lead their high school team in hitting. Thanks to the development and coaching of our staff, these athletes were able to grow a foundation at this young age and later transfer that knowledge to succeed at even higher levels. We provide convenient locations for teams to practice, allowing for more time spent on skill development and less time spent driving to a facility an hour away.

Youth: 12U - 14U

As our athletes age, they are challenged with higher level competition as coaches begin to refine their skills. Our staff focuses on players’ mental preparation and game-time mental toughness in order to prepare hitters, pitchers, and defensive specialists to enter high school and compete in the college showcase circuit.

We prioritize proper education on arm care and have additional tools and equipment readily available so every aspect of training and rehabilitation can be taught and communicated in a way that will aid their journey. Our top level teams have the opportunity to compete in high school showcase-like tournaments, allowing players to gain the knowledge and experience necessary to compete at the next level.

High School: 15U - 18U

Canes Baseball provides a unique opportunity for our high school athletes across all skill levels and ages. As a member of one of the top-ranked programs in travel baseball, our players are among the first to have the opportunity to be called up to the national level teams. Canes Southwest consistently sends players to compete at the national level and take great pride in our athletes excelling on the biggest stage. By providing our athletes with exposure to college coaches, and also creating opportunities to play at top college campuses, we are able to cultivate a successful organization centered around the athlete.

During the summer we focus on showcase and national level tournaments. The fall is centered around regional tournaments that will allow the player to gain valuable exposure and skill refinement. Throughout the winter, we offer a best in class workout schedule, to keep our athletes in shape and prepared for their high school season.

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Canes History

Canes Baseball is designed to develop high school players to play baseball at the collegiate level. Our main goal is to have our players seen by as many college coaches and professional scouts as possible. We recruit student/athletes from all over the Southwest that are exceptional players, exhibit excellent attitudes, and excel in the classroom as well.

The Canes demand a team oriented attitude that is displayed on and off the field. The Canes play excellent competition and are showcased in some of the nation’s top sports facilities. This program is modeled after college programs, with emphasis on teamwork, discipline and dedicating themselves to baseball year round. Playing for the Canes gives student/athletes the experience of traveling all over the east coast and playing baseball.